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At One-Rank, we understand that a well-crafted website is the cornerstone of your online success. Our Web Design Services are dedicated to bringing your digital vision to life. We combine creativity with functionality, ensuring that your website not only looks stunning but also provides a seamless user experience. From responsive designs that adapt to any device to user-friendly navigation, we pay attention to every detail. With One-Rank as your web design partner, your online presence will leave a lasting impression and help you achieve your digital goals.

Our web design services

Grow your business with our Website Design Services

Nowadays, websites are the easiest way to get business people closer to consumers and targets. It is none other than due to the high number of internet users today, so it is very likely that your consumers also use this media. Based on data for 2021 alone, Indonesia is experiencing growth in internet users to more than 70% from 60% in the previous year.

We are SEO Services Company for your unique business needs. Whether you want to expand your customer base locally or reach a national audience, we’re here for you. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and grow your business online.

Optimized website is the most appropriate way to get more customers and retain old customers. For those of you who want to optimize website functions but are unfamiliar with SEO, you can contact One-Rank web design services. The attractive offer includes creating a website layout that looks unique and impressive, thereby increasing the potential for brand awareness.

One-Rank website services can also optimize website performance by making the page loading process shorter. Considering that most people use the internet via mobile, the services of this web designer are of course important for website owners. Moreover, 70% of internet users often leave a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Apart from loading performance, a business website also needs to be designed so that it looks credible so that it can increase the number of conversions. This is by data which states that almost 80% of customers in digital media make transactions after growing trust. You can utilize One-Rank’s professional web design services to design a website that looks professional and fosters customer trust.

Apart from these benefits, using the services of a One-Rank website designer can also help increase the visibility of your website pages. Increase ranking potential and be the best among business competitors.

How Can a Website Development Company Help Grow Your Business?

In this digital era, not a few companies have started to improve and modernize their product marketing methods. Not a few of them also use web design services and website development services so that their marketing methods run smoothly. If you don't use a special web design service either, your competitors will certainly be one step ahead of your business.

Meanwhile, if you are willing to invest in a website design team, the following benefits can be obtained.

One of your main goals in building a website is of course to increase brand scalability. Achieving these expectations is not easy, you have to make sure the website can reach many Internet users. If you use website design and development services, the scalability can increase because optimization is carried out including on-page and off-page SEO.

Increasing the number of customers means strengthening the trust of many individuals in your brand. In website-based digital marketing, efforts to increase this trust can be made by making the website safe for visitors. In addition, the best experience that customers feel when they are on your website is also a factor in increasing trust.

To ensure that the brand image continues to be good in the eyes of consumers, your website must provide convenience in many ways. For example, in terms of navigation. For this reason, you need web design & development services because the team can help design a website to make it easier for visitors to use.

Web software development services can help your website look attractive and different from others. Make it stand out and be better than competitors.

Website development services company can help improve the quality of the user experience to make it better. Thanks to an attractive interface and easy navigation and optimization in several other components.

Compared to having a web internship team, using web development company services is clearly cheaper. However, the quality of service from this web design service is better because the team is equipped with professionals in their field. Both in web design and web development.

One way to increase a website’s chances of being visited by many people is to increase its ranking. There are many ways to rank your website well, for example SEO optimization. So that the results are more optimal, SEO optimization must be equipped with a professional web development services.

There is no other better way to introduce a brand than to consistently provide your own characteristics. Web development support can help your website be consistent in that regard.

In fact, conversions made on websites are not only profitable once when you get benefits. However, this conversion can produce multiple profits. Because, customers who are satisfied with your service will give a positive review of the business.

Web design and development services can also provide long-term benefits. As previously mentioned. Your customers will definitely give positive reviews so that other targets can be interested in getting the products you offer.

Having a well-designed website can increase authority. Therefore, the benefits that can be obtained are not just getting one or two customers, but the number is not limited. This is because authority greatly influences how Google evaluates the quality of your website.

Why Does Your Business Need Web Design Services to Grow Your Business?

Professional Web Design and Development Services for your business

You already know what benefits you can get if you use a web design service, right? Next, you may be looking for the best website design development services. For that, you can try services from One-Rank. Why should you use the services of this one web development solutions?

  • Growth & Change

    Developing a business not only requires development but also change. Because to develop, a business must grow. Meanwhile, growth is closely related to change. When it comes to websites, you need to make sure they are dynamic. One-Rank is a full service website development that is dynamic. You can also get other benefits if you use this web dev services.

  • Security & Speed

    The security and speed of your website also depend on its design. You can get these two things if you use web programming services.

  • SEO Supportive Website

    To grow a brand in the digital sphere, SEO is the first factor. There are many things related to SEO. If you are a novice, using the services of a website development company is the best solution.

  • Impressed at First Sight

    A website with an attractive design can certainly make the best impression on new visitors. Apart from design, speed of response and other best services on a website can make it easier for visitors to remember your brand.

  • Adaptable Design

    Adaptive design is very important to ensure all visitors get the best experience when entering your website. Both visitors use desktops and mobile devices. You can use web design services and marketing services to get an adaptive website by creative content services.

Full Service Web Design Services by One-Rank

With many existing website designer websites, you might wonder why you should choose One-Rank. Apart from these advantages, One-Rank is also a full-service web design and marketing services so you can get everything in one place. The services include the following.

  • Custom Web Design

    Website design is one part that can make a first impression on site visitors. Therefore, you need to make sure it is unique and makes a deep impression on visitors. You can get this impression when you decide to partner with One-Rank as a trusted web design company services. Just determine what kind of web design concept you need. Tell us what the main focus of the information you publish on the site is. The rest is the responsibility of this web development service.

  • Ecommerce Web Design

    Do you have a website that operates in the e-commerce sector? Whatever the item being sold, this web development service can help create the design. Starting with categorizing products, highlighting what is unique about the business, presenting a review display, or adding an interesting testimonial column.

  • Small Business Website Design

    These web design and development services also have attractive offers for small business owners. One-Rank can come up with a design that suits you, such as a simple but informative display. You can also order the making of important icons, such as baskets, and help services with designs that are different from other places.

  • WordPress Website Design

    This web developer service also includes creating designs for WordPress. For those of you who are interested in modifying your website, such as giving special colors to unique icons, One-Rank is also the right alternative to contact. All design concepts that you have in mind but cannot be realized by yourself can be realized with this service.

  • Landing Page Design

    You can also personalize the design of your website pages when you partner with a One-Rank web development services company. Want to implement payment forms, web development company description, or supplied product lists? Everything can be presented after you agree to become a professional web development service partner.

Still unsure about the best One-Rank service? Confused about which design to tell the team what you want? You don’t need to worry about that, because this website developer services can help you contact the web development services description from the start.

Start with a consultation and let the conversation flow until you can find a concept that meets your expectations. So, even if you don’t have a definite picture of the expected design before, after contacting this website designer services, you can definitely get that picture.Still could not believe it? You can immediately contact website development support services. Get a free consultation offer for all customers without terms and conditions.

Advantages of Custom
Web Design Services

One-Rank as a website design solutions offers customizable web design creation services. So, what are the benefits of this service for you? Find out a number of benefits that you can get if you use the custom website creation service below.

Custom web allows you to get a website design that is truly different from other sites. You can use things that are close to you so that they don’t fall the same as other people’s designs. For example, the brand’s vision and mission, the purpose for which it was founded, what makes you enthusiastic about building a brand, and so on.

If you already know what the target market’s character is like, web development services website can help increase customer satisfaction. Because, indirectly, the services you present on your website in the form of design will influence the level of convenience felt by visitors.

A customized design that is easily identified by SEO will help your website be read by crawlers. Thus, it is not difficult for your website to rank up in the future.

Web design services can provide web development services list that is sustainable and can be easily modified later. So, as time goes by, the custom website on your website can follow the needs of visitors because it is dynamic.

Using custom website coding services is the right step to ensure your website can always be easily optimized for performance. That way, the level of organic traffic that is good for the development of your site can increase in number.

Most internet users today tend to use mobile devices. Therefore, you need to make sure the web designing services is responsible so that wherever the site is accessed, it still looks right in the eyes.

Having a custom design is much safer than using random plugins that don’t know where they came from. That way, the risk of your website being attacked by a virus or malware is certainly smaller.

Custom design from web designer services can also make it easier for website owners to implement a content management system that is relevant to visitor needs.

If you have a ready-made logo that has an identity and people already know it, a custom design is the right choice to present on the website. A design from a web design service like this will ensure that the website interface has a concept that is in line with the old identity of your business.

To provide the best service to potential customers, something is needed that doesn’t exist in competing businesses. With a custom design, your website can have these excellent features.

Web development services providers will not leave their clients who have received design services. So whenever you need the service back, you can get it. This ensures the installed design is sustainably secure.

Apart from the features that visitors need, the analytical tools that you might need can also be implemented on a website with a custom design. For example, regarding the number of visitors, visitor interaction time, and so on.

To look professional, you don’t just need an attractive design. However, menus are needed to show that the site really complies with the law. Custom designs can bring that out according to your needs.

Website designing and development services only do what you ask them to do. Meanwhile, complete site control is your right. When the design is done, you can change the things that you think should be improved.

Custom site designs need updating from time to time to ensure loading responsiveness is not compromised. You as the owner can make updates yourself or contact the design developer to make the design responsive again.

Before finalizing the design, you can get the benefit of testing while the design project is in progress. You can also provide creative and innovative ideas regarding features and icons that you want to install on the site.

For business websites that want to integrate with third-party programs, this design makes it easy for you to do that. Starting from payment gateways to your online shop on other platforms, integration can be done easily.

It must be admitted that the cost of installing a custom design is not free like plugins that are easily found on website platforms. However, the benefits of guaranteeing a flexible and safe design are things that cannot be obtained from free designs or cheap products.

Having a w eb itself and not using common templates shows that the website is indeed professional. Your website will appear more competitive thanks to this.

Whenever you want to redesign your website, you can do it because the design is your own. Unlike templates which have many limitations because the owner is someone else. Suitable for ongoing commercial website development.

Transform your digital presence.

Let's build a website that captivates and converts.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose One-Rank for Your Professional Web Development Company?

One-Rank is a web design service that not only offers the best services to gain profits for the company. However, these professional website development services really care about the website managers. Therefore, several offers that are not only attractive but also profitable are available to you. Some of the benefits you can get if you partner with this service include the following.


Unique is very important so that your business identity is more easily recognized. Therefore, websites need to be customized so that they display icons and fonts that match your website's identity. One-Rank is an expert in customizing web designs so if you need their services, the best bet is to contact them.

Experience and Expertise

One-Rank is an expert in creating the best designs for websites. The service team consists of experts in the fields of design and development. Experience the best experience partnering with this web design service team from the moment you connect until the end of the service.

Technology and Tools

Not only relying on experts, One-Rank also understands the importance of using tools and technology. These two things are also weapons for this website design service in providing the best service to suit your needs. With the latest technology and the best tools, these media are used only so that clients like you can experience many benefits when partnering.

Responsive Design

The website design that can be created by this service team is guaranteed to be responsive. Because that is one of the most important things about being on a site. Just as the importance of team service responsiveness is important, your website must also have this characteristic. Fortunately, you are currently in the right place. So, if you already have the intention of improving your site's web design so that it performs well in many ways, just contact this service right away.

SEO and Optimization

Do you need a team to optimize SEO performance? The One-Rank Team can also be contacted. Because the services of this service do not just provide a new design that is unique to your business. Not just showing an interesting impression in your mind either. However, One-Rank services cover all aspects of website optimization methods that you definitely need. For details about the services that can be obtained from One-Rank, find out by contacting us immediately.

Support and Maintenance

The services of this web design service are also not just at the beginning. However, after the design project is complete, you can also take advantage of the services of this team. Just contact us whenever you need the service, the service from One-Rank is open for you 7 x 24 hours.

Cost and Budget

Worried about the cost? Services from One-Rank are available in many variants so it is certain that one will suit your needs and budget. You can choose from a website development services list or just contact the contact service directly.

Communication and Collaboration

This service realizes that everyone has different tastes. Therefore, the design ideas offered are not only limited to the existing portfolio. However, clients are also free to provide input and suggestions if they want to present a particular design. Communicate what you want and create collaborative designs with the One-Rank team to create flawless results. According to your wishes and memorable in the minds of your website visitors.


This service has a professional team so the design process does not take long. If you need it urgently, you can also consult the team so that the expected web development solution can be realized.


One-Rank service has been trusted by many business people. Not a few of them are also satisfied with the services of this team. You can also be the next client to experience partnering with the team and get the best service from this service.

Legal and Contractual Matters

One-Rank understands the importance of legality for a business. Therefore, this service has also obtained a permit to open a web design service as proof of compliance with the law. With the legality of this service, clients don't have to worry about the products they get. Apart from that, the legality of this service also includes the designs that you get, all guaranteed legal.

Comparative Analysis

Make a comparison between the prices offered and services from One-Rank. The best way for you to feel satisfied with the services you get from this service. Apart from comparisons, make sure to prepare a request so that the price offered matches the service you need.

Web Design Prices

Our Affordable Web Design Packages

Every business definitely has its own uniqueness. One way to make your business easily known and remembered by people is have unique website. One-Rank web design service understands this. Therefore, this service offers several types of the best services that can be tailored to your needs. For those of you who want to optimize website performance starting from website design, choose one of the best offers of this service.

Starter Web Design PackageEssential Web Design PackagePremium Web Design PackageEnterprise Web Design Package
Perfect for individuals or small businesses taking their first step online.Tailored for growing businesses seeking a comprehensive e-commerce solution.Advanced solutions with unlimited pages, e-commerce integration, and membership systems for a robust and scalable online presenceEnterprise-grade design with scalability planning, AI integration, and GDPR compliance for large corporations and global entities
Responsive Design:All Starter Package Features:All Essential Package Features:All Professional Package Features:
Ensure cross-device compatibility for a seamless user experience.Include all features from the Starter Web Design Package.Include all features from the Essential Web Design Package.Include all features from the Professional Web Design Package.
Static Pages:Dynamic Content Elements:Unlimited Pages:Bespoke Design Concepts:
Create up to 10 static pages, including home, about us, services, and contact.Implement dynamic elements like sliders, carousels, and accordions.Allow the addition of an unlimited number of pages.Develop multiple design concepts for the client to choose from.
Custom Domain Integration:Blog Section:Custom Design and Branding:Scalability Planning:
Configure and link a custom domain to the website.Create a blog section with a CMS for easy content publishing.Develop a fully customized design aligned with brand guidelines.Plan and implement architecture for scalability as traffic grows.
Basic SEO Setup:Extended SEO Strategies:Advanced E-commerce Functionality:AI Integration:
Optimize meta tags, header tags, and image alt attributes for search engines.Conduct in-depth keyword research and implement schema markup.Expand e-commerce capabilities with advanced features like subscription models and customer accounts.Integrate AI features for personalized user experiences and analytics.
Contact Form with CAPTCHA:E-commerce Integration:Membership System:Blockchain Integration (if applicable):
Implement a secure contact form to prevent spam.Integrate a basic e-commerce platform for up to 50 products.Implement a robust membership system with tiered access levels.Implement blockchain technology for secure transactions or data integrity.
Google Maps Integration:Database Integration:API Integration:Globalization and Localization:
Embed a Google Maps widget for location display.Use a database for dynamic content and improved site performance.Integrate custom APIs for third-party services or internal processes.Implement features for global audiences, including multi-currency and region-specific content.
Basic Analytics Integration:Advanced Analytics Tracking:Advanced Security Measures:Advanced A/B Testing:
Set up Google Analytics for traffic monitoring.Set up advanced analytics, including goal tracking and custom events.Implement advanced security protocols, including web application firewalls and regular security patching.Set up and conduct advanced A/B testing for optimal user experience and conversion rates.
Social Media Links:Custom Design Elements:Performance Optimization Strategies:Accessibility Compliance:
Add icons linking to social media profiles.Design custom graphics, icons, and elements for brand consistency.Fine-tune server configurations, implement code splitting, and optimize database queries for peak performance.Ensure the website meets accessibility standards (WCAG) for all users.
Content Management System (CMS):Newsletter Subscription:Mobile-First Design:Enterprise-level Security Audits:
Install a user-friendly CMS for easy content updates.Add a newsletter signup form with database integration.Prioritize mobile design and functionality for an optimal mobile user experience.Conduct thorough security audits with penetration testing and code reviews.
Security Features:Security Audits:Advanced SEO Strategies:High Availability Architecture:
Implement basic security measures, including SSL installation.Conduct periodic security audits and vulnerability assessments.Implement advanced SEO strategies such as schema markup, rich snippets, and local SEO optimization.Design an architecture for high availability with redundant systems.
Mobile Optimization:SSL Renewal Management:Custom Animations:Custom Integrations with Enterprise Software:
Optimize the site specifically for mobile users.Monitor and manage SSL certificate renewals.Include custom animations and transitions for a more engaging user experience.Integrate with existing enterprise software and systems.
Image Optimization:Load Time Optimization:User Behavior Analytics:GDPR Compliance (if applicable):
Compress and optimize images for faster loading.Optimize scripts, stylesheets, and images for faster load times.Implement tools to track and analyze user behavior on the website.Ensure compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR.
Favicon:Mobile App Integration:Progressive Web App (PWA) Features:Custom Analytics Dashboard:
Create and add a custom favicon for brand recognition.Integrate with mobile apps for enhanced user engagement.Integrate PWA features for offline access and an app-like experience.Develop a custom analytics dashboard for in-depth business insights.
404 Error Page:Advanced Contact Forms:Content Delivery Network (CDN) Integration:Full-Site Search Functionality:
Design a custom 404 error page for user-friendly navigation.Implement conditional logic and additional form fields.Set up and configure a CDN for faster content delivery globally.Implement an advanced search system covering the entire website.
Browser Compatibility:Multilingual Support:Advanced Data Encryption:Automated Performance Scaling:
Ensure compatibility with major web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).Enable the website to support multiple languages.Implement advanced encryption protocols for sensitive data.Set up automated systems for performance scaling based on traffic patterns.
XML Sitemap:Custom Error Pages:Advanced Backup Solutions:24/7 Technical Support:
Generate and submit an XML sitemap to search engines.Create custom error pages for a consistent user experience.Set up automated, versioned backups with off-site storage.Provide around-the-clock technical support with guaranteed response times.
Robots.txt Configuration:Performance Optimization:Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD):Custom User Training Program:
Configure robots.txt for search engine crawling.Fine-tune server settings for optimal website performance.Implement CI/CD pipelines for automated testing and deployment.Develop a tailored training program for various user roles.
Basic User Training:Advanced User Training:Custom Dashboards:Regular Security Training for Admins:
Provide a training session for basic website management.Offer training on advanced features and content strategies.Create custom dashboards for easy monitoring and management.Provide ongoing security training for website administrators.
Backup Solution:Caching Mechanism:Custom 404 Error Page:Legal Compliance Check:
Set up regular backups for data protection.Implement server-side caching for improved speed.Design an interactive and helpful 404 error page.Ensure the website complies with industry-specific legal requirements.
Performance Monitoring:Cross-Browser Testing:Dedicated Support and Maintenance:Custom SLA (Service Level Agreement):
Implement tools to monitor website performance and speed.Conduct thorough testing across various browsers and devices.Provide ongoing dedicated support, including routine maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting.Establish a custom SLA outlining service levels and guarantees.


What Our Happy Web Design Clients Say

Alice. A

star rating

One-Rank is the best web design service! I recently used this service to design a business website. I was very impressed with the results. The One-Rank team made my website look very professional.

Dwi Ratna

star rating

I am very satisfied with One-Rank's web design services. The team helped develop my online shop website so that it looks modern and user-friendly. After using One-Rank's services, the number of visitors and sales of my online shop increased very rapidly. One-Rank Rank really understands my business needs and goals. I'm really satisfied with the service.

Willy. W

star rating

The One-Rank team has succeeded in helping my business drastically. My website is beautiful and responsive so that customers are happy to be able to easily find their needs, find products, and make reservations. Since using One-Rank services, the number of customers in my business has also increased. One-Rank is really the best partner for a business site owner like me.


star rating

After using the One-Rank service, my website visitors have increased quite drastically in the last few months. I really can't wait for the other amazing benefits in the next few months.

Cathelyn V.

star rating

Since contacting One-Rank, I have experienced professional service. The team was very responsive when contacted and understood my needs as a beauty business owner. I wanted the best for my website, and they delivered.

Steven A.

star rating

This is really amazing! One-Rank service makes my website look better. Today I saw my website on the first page. So far, I have never had a service that can give me such satisfying results. I really recommend anyone needing web design services to use One-Rank!



Basic questions about our Web Design Services

Web design service is a web design company service that can help you design a responsive website and provide the best experience for visitors.

A responsive website is the key so that website visitors don’t leave before finding the information they need on the website and reduces the risk of the bounce rate.

On a business website, the bounce rate is a significant decrease in the number of visitors and can cause a drop in credibility to sales conversions on the site.

Redesigning a website with a lightweight theme is the first way to make it responsive. In addition, websites need to be optimized in terms of content, navigation, images, scripts, and also plugins to make them mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly.

It doesn’t take long if you have the ability to layout a website or use a professional website design service.

To give a first impression that attracts customers, an optimized web design is needed. Apart from design, web design services also include complete website development solutions.

Websites that have been designed by web design services can be changed at any time to maximize the experience of your website visitors.

Not the same, but related. Web design services are tasked with improving the appearance quality of the site while web development services can present the best features in it.

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